Batman Arkham Origins

Deactivate The Jamming Signal 1 Objective Walkthrough and Cheats

  1. Alfred will mark a “Batwing Drop Point” on your map in the Bowery District, head there to start the mission.
  2. Once you are spotted by enemies, you will be prompted to use the smoke pellet, which is a good idea whenever you are facing opponents with guns.
  3. You can then use your Detective Vision to see where the various grapple points/vantage points are throughout the chamber.
  4. If you head to the farthest one from your position in the far left corner, you can perform an Inverted Takedown on the enemy with the hostage.
  5. Glide off your vantage point and open the vent to sneak up on the enemy and perform a Takedown.
  6. You will see another open vent on your right, run towards it to enter.  Once you’re on the other side you can use your detective vision to see an enemy holding a hostage through a weak wall, perform a Takedown on him.
  7. Heading out and down the hall will eventually lead you to a snowy dead end.  Look up and grapple up the shaft and take out the next criminal with a Ledge Takedown.
  8. Recreate the crime scene with your Evidence Scanner. Focus in on all the red triangles for clues.
  9. Eventually you will be prompted to Rewind & Advance the crime scene reconstruction.  By doing so, you will be able to spot where the access card has fallen, which is behind the nearby vent on the ground.
  10. You will have to scan the card once you have removed the vent cover.
  11. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the door and unlock it. To hack the door, you will have to move and hold each thumbstick to a specific position.
  12. Proceed through the door, up the ladder, and through another door, and use your Cryptographic Sequencer on the computer to begin a dialogue scene with Enigma.  You will eventually have to hack the computer, which will finish out the mission.


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